Start of the Trainee Program in Technical Consulting

Start of the Trainee Program in Technical Consulting

In October, four ambitious talents began their journey towards a career in the SAP environment. The 6-month intensive program at FIS-ASP not only promises in-depth training, but also an exciting journey from theory to practice.

Insight into onboarding

The program started with a framework program in which the participants not only received basic information about the company and the trainee program, but also had the opportunity to get to know their future colleagues. Provided with a laptop, noise-canceling headphones and other equipment, the trainees were ready to work from anywhere.

“We not only got to know our future colleagues but were also welcomed by an open atmos-phere. Right at the start, a table football tournament created a relaxed atmosphere with our new team members."

From tools to soft skills

After onboarding, we were introduced to the most important tools and various soft skill training sessions. Here, project management and customer communication skills were sharpened to ensure holistic development.

"In the first few weeks, we took part in several basic training courses to prepare us for the practical part of the trainee program. We were taught essential knowledge, including pro-gramming basics and insights into the structure and installation of SAP systems and the SAP HANA database."

"(...) targeted training in project work and collaboration is also an integral part of our prepa-ration for future projects."

The qualification phase

The subsequent qualification phase, which will start in a few weeks, will focus on the areas of administration and SAP. Here, the trainees delve into the world of programming, Linux, virtualization, containers and more. The SAP qualification includes the setup and installation of SAP systems including the advanced SAP HANA database.

Application of knowledge in practice

Candidates then have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired in a realistic project. The focus is on setting up and managing a complete customer system landscape. An experienced mentor is on hand to provide support and make the transition to the next level easier.

From trainee to (Young Professional) SAP Technical Consultant

After successfully completing the program, participants start directly as (Young Professional) SAP Technical Consultants. With a wealth of knowledge and certifications in areas such as SAP, Linux or administration, they take on responsibility for their first customers. Cooperation with various departments enables them to take on responsibility for their work and to continuously develop their skills.

The SAP trainee program at FIS-ASP offers not only first-class training, but also a clear career path for technology enthusiasts.

My studies opened up many career paths for me. However, industries such as finance and insurance, which are common for the mathematical field, were not an option for me at all. Although I had already gained experience in large-scale industry, the corporate culture of a medium-sized company appealed to me more."

"Especially as a career starter, I didn't have any specific expectations, but aimed to acquire as much knowledge as possible that would help me in my everyday working life."

We look forward to reaching the next milestones together with our trainees and shaping them into successful SAP experts.

Grafenrheinfeld, 01. Dezember 2023



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FIS-ASP Application Service Providing und IT-Outsourcing GmbH
Röthleiner Weg 4
D-97506 Grafenrheinfeld

Phone.: +49 97 23 / 91 88-500
Fax: +49 97 23 / 91 88-600

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