Big Data

SAP HANA in-memory database for high-performance data processing

Via installed sensors, smart devices daily generate huge datasets, which have to be stored and managed for later evaluation and analysis. Data analysis frequently provides new recognitions that are used for optimizing company processes. 


With the high-performance SAP HANA database technology, such large datasets can be entered, processed and analyzed in real time. As a consequence, SAP HANA does not only enable response times that are much faster than the ones of conventional databases, but also allows data consolidations from different sources.


The advantages of SAP HANA in the big data environment are obvious. For predictive maintenance, SAP provides an appropriate technology stack consisting of in-memory technology, SAP cloud platform SCP and HANA Vora (connection of the Hadoop framework with HANA, Business Warehouse or ERP).  In this way, connections to Hadoop analyses can also be systematized outside the ERP system. Advantages particularly arise when unstructured data is included in the result determination.


FIS-ASP advises and supports you in the transformation of existing SAP system landscapes to SAP HANA and lays the foundation for real-time analyses and the use of large datasets in order to stay competitive on the market.