Phishing: one of the most successful attack methods used by cybercriminals

Phishing attacks are a constant threat to businesses and their employees in today’s digital world. Criminals use sophisticated tactics to impersonate trusted communication partners in order to gain access to sensitive information.

What means Phishing?

In a phishing attack, criminals not only try to pass themselves off as trustworthy communication partners via fake e-mails or websites, but sometimes use stolen identities for their scheme. In doing so, the scammers use customized methods and social engineering techniques to tailor messages to their victims so that the inhibition threshold for interaction is automatically lowered. The spectrum ranges from promised profits or inheritances to serious sounding offers or demands for ransom and threats of account blocks. The mail contains, for instance, a malicious attachment or link to a fake page in order to obtain access data or personal data such as your password.

Cyberattacks have an enormous damage potential and can threaten the existence of commercial enterprises as well as private individuals.

Around 88% of companies were affected by cybercrime in 2020/2021.*


Awareness raising of your employees for more security in the company

Cyber criminals will continue to rely on phishing attacks in the future since the technical security of numerous systems that is already available reduces their attacking possibilities. As a consequence, they meanwhile focus on human beings as the last links in the chain. Irrespective of the company size, one distracted or careless employee is enough to cause serious impacts for the enterprise. Who hasn’t read their mails during a meeting with only half attention?

One in five companies has had data and information stolen as a result of employee manipulation.** Cyber criminals are particularly taking advantage of working from home and have one goal in mind above all: Focus on the human factor!

The decisive keyword is “awareness”. Repetitive and well-coordinated sensibility measures of your employees are the suitable key to “steal the thunder” from these phishing attackers because without human interaction with compromised mails, there is usually no increased danger – provided that the enterprise’s technical measures correspond to an up-to-date safety level, which FIS-ASP offers its customers by default. 

With the world’s largest awareness and phishing test platform by KnowBe4, you train your employees playfully and effectively on the topic of IT security – with measurable learning success and without great financial expense!


KnowBe4 supports more than tens of thousands of companies and organizations worldwide in all industries in improving network and user security and provides security awareness training sessions as well as attack simulations via phishing e-mails in the daily routine.


With KnowBe4, you use the “Best-in-Class Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing Platform” and therefore strengthen the human factor as a “human firewall“.

The first phishing campaign determines how vulnerable your users currently are to attacks.

hrough eLearning content, such as videos, games, trainings and newsletters, your users are effectively trained and sensitized to recognize phishing attempts, among other things.

With more than 3,900 templates and unlimited usage, you get the possibility to create fully automated phishing campaigns to measure the phishing awareness of your workforce.

Detailed reports and statistics on training campaigns provide solid insights for management.

Start Your Free Phishing Security Test

As a competent partner, we are at your side and support you on your way to the Human Firewall with the following measures, for instance:

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Get a product demonstration of the Security Awareness Platform in the webinar! In this demo, we show you how easy it is to train your employees and create consistent awareness.


Demonstrably reduced security risks

Across industries, the vulnerability to phishing attacks is 31.4%. Professional security awareness training by KnowBe4 can reduce it by about half in just 90 days and drastically increase your employees’ security awareness.

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Continuously lower your company’s security risk and create a sustainable security culture.


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