FIS-ASP Private AI: Innovative & GDPR-Compliant

An intelligent investment in the future

From image recognition to speech recognition, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly over the past few years. Many AI models are operated in the cloud. As cloud-based models can be accessed easily, there is a danger that third parties will have access to the data. The local version is an alternative option. When using a local AI model, you keep control over the data and you can adjust the performance of this model to your individual requirements. 

Given the current challenges concerning the handling of AI services, particularly with regard to OpenAI and data transfer, it is crucial to decide in favor of a platform that offers highest data protection and customized solutions.  

FIS-ASP has developed a solution that protects sensitive data and, at the same time, offers the performance of AI services at the level of ChatGPT 3.5. Our AI locally hosted in Germany ensures that your data remains safe and is not transferred to third parties. 

Our adjustable solutions enable us to integrate specific models that correspond to your requirements concerning coding, speech processing or image recognition. We offer you a customized solution that is tailored for your individual needs. 

AI service with highest security standards

Our service includes comprehensive consulting: we explain basics, propose possible solutions and analyze the results together with you. We also offer implementation options including both Shared AI for several customers on one system and Exclusive AI with a separate system for one customer. 

These systems run in our in-house data centers that are ISO-certified and correspond to highest security standards. In this way, your data is always protected and under your control. Chats are encrypted before they are transported and saved on the server. Once a chat has been deleted, it will also be deleted from the server so that you will always have the full control over your data. 

Technical consulting offered by our qualified professionals

Our team brings clarity into the world of artificial intelligence by explaining the basics in a com-prehensible way.
From basics to advanced concepts: we show you different possible solutions relevant for your company. Moreover, we analyze the results together with you to make sure that you can make the best possible decisions.

Individual implementation options

We understand that every company is unique.
Therefore, we offer an individual implementation of our AI solutions that is perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of your company. We assist you from planning to implementation to make sure that the AI solution used creates measurable added value.

Individual settlement options

Our AI services focus on transparency and flexibility, even when it comes to settlement. We offer different settlement options to meet your individual needs. 

With our “Pay-per-Use” model purchased, you are provided with tokens that can be used whenever you need assistance. In this way, you keep full control over your expenses and only pay for what you really use. 

We also offer lump sums or a subscription model for transparent settlements. Access to our services is granted against a fixed monthly amount or a lump sum agreed upon. This option is particularly suitable for companies that need regular assistance and set a high value on simple budget planning. 

Not only do we from FIS-ASP support you with customized AI solutions, we also attach great importance to your feeling of being in good hands with us. Our experts are available to give you individual advice and take care of your specific requirements.  

Please contact us today for arranging your personal consultation appointment and jointly identifying AI potentials for your company. 


FIS-ASP Application Service Providing und IT-Outsourcing GmbH
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FIS-ASP Application Service Providing und IT-Outsourcing GmbH
Röthleiner Weg 4
D-97506 Grafenrheinfeld

Phone.: +49 97 23 / 91 88-500
Fax: +49 97 23 / 91 88-600

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