Sustainable Action

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly widespread and improves corporate efficiency. At the same time, mankind is facing a global challenge: climate change!

FIS-ASP resumes responsibility and already makes an important contribution to sustainability:

Use of VRV equipment for the air conditioning of our server rooms that require a minimal quantity of energy.

Cover of power requirements through electrical energy from Bavarian hydropower plants of the Lower Franconian Überlandzentrale Mainfranken power station.

Utilization of residual heat from the data center as an innovative source of heat.

Participation in local wind farms.

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Reduction of the CO2 footprint:

The certificate we obtained from ÜZ Mainfranken can be used by our customers as well to gather all emission sources within the supply chain. It confirms that electrical energy from Bavarian Inn power stations is produced specifically for FIS-ASP.