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Due to an increased number of phishing attacks, this kind of cyber threat is covered by the media more frequently. Such information is important with regard to security awareness. But does this automatically have any effect on everyday working life? Are you already using selective trainings to prepare your employees for the proper behavior and the characteristics of phishing or social engineering attacks?

Without continued security awareness training, your employees are particularly vulnerable to such attempted attacks irrespective of corporate size or industry.

Learn more here about the phishing vulnerability of individual industries

KnowBe4, the worldwide largest awareness and phishing test platform, is used to inform employees about the dangers of social engineering. It explains what you can do to protect your company. The new learning approach of KnowBe4 combines tests on the basis of real attack scenarios, entertaining interactive trainings, continuous assessment via simulated phishing attempts as well as informative reports in order to better protect companies against real attacks by safety-conscious behavior and identify signs of complex cyber attacks.

Phishing simulation and
training course

As-is analysis

Before starting the training units, we first need to assess the cyber security level. The first initial phishing audit simulates different phishing attacks of different difficulty levels to get an overview of the current situation. The KnowBe4 phishing test platform enables the creation of individual attack scenarios tailored for all industries. For this purpose, the vulnerability of the employees during a simulated phishing security test is estimated. Such estimation includes all users having clicked a simulated phishing e-mail or opened an infected attachment.


To strengthen the security awareness of your employees in the long run, you can use eLearning contents to effectively train and sensitize your staff by creating, for instance, phishing campaigns that contain simulated phishing attacks. Through the security awareness training courses, you can train your employees in a playful way. FIS-ASP supports you in selecting appropriate materials and developing a security strategy that suits your company. 


Detailed reports and statistics inform on the current status and make the learning progress measurable. Evaluations are personalized and valuated using the cyber security index or the personal risk score. Depending on this risk score, corresponding measures can be initiated and IT awareness training units implemented.

Free phishing security test

Do you still have no idea of how vulnerable your company is?

Just arrange for a phishing test to get a first impression. You will be surprised of the result of the free KnowBe4 phishing security test and convinced of the necessity of an awareness and phishing platform.


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