Storage as a Service

The flexible memory solution for rounding off your IT requirements


You would like to rent memory space in an uncomplicated way and 

get access to central memory resources?


We offer you storage of different performance and availability classes, which is distributed over our two data centers in Grafenrheinfeld and, if required, expandable to our data center located approx. 16km away.  In this way, you can map your IT projects without having to procure, set up and operate the respective storage infrastructure for each requirement.  

For the model of flexibly orderable memory space, which can be expanded at short notice, charges will be settled on a usage basis. You will only pay a monthly fee for the storage capacities you have ordered and used. Unless otherwise requested, sovereignty over your systems and applications will remain completely with you.



Typical fields of applications
for “StaaS” (“Storage-as-a-Service”):

Storage_Zentraler Backupspeicher_orange_40x40

Central backup memory


Data archiving


Storage of business data




up to operation of business-critical applications

Your Advantages:


The proximity to the systems we operate for you enables a high-performing data exchange within the platform in spite of network separation. This is secured by the firewall operated for you.


You benefit from our standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001) and from the order data processing already agreed upon with us. According to the EU GDPR, your data is stored in our advanced data centers in Southern Germany.


Summarization of your advantages of an “SaaS” business model

Vorteile SaaS_Keine Kosten Storage_orange_40x40-01

No costs for storage acquisition

Vorteile SaaS_Keine Kosten Personal_orange_40x40-01

No personnel costs for storage

Vorteile SaaS_Verantwortung Wartung_orange_40x40-01

No responsibility for hardware maintenance


Flexibly orderable memory space

Vorteile SaaS_Wahl Performance_orange_40x40-01

Selection of different performance and availability classes

Vorteile SaaS_Skalierbar_orange_40x40-01


Vorteile SaaS_Abdeckung Anforderungen_orange_40x40-01

Coverage of short-term requirements

Vorteile Saas_Nutzungsabh. Abrechnung_orange_40x40-01

Usage-based settlement

Vorteile SaaS_Speicherung Daten_orange_40x40-01

Data storage outside your own enterprise

Vorteile SaaS_Prof. Datacenter_orange_40x40-01

Use of professional data centers

Vorteile SaaS_Definition SLA´s_orange_40x40-01

Definition of SLAs