High performance and free resources –
put FIS-ASP in charge of important
parts of your IT

IT is the heart of your company – however, maintenance and operation bind resources that are missing at other places. With FIS-ASP outtasking, you can focus on your core business and generate free resources because our experts deal with complex tasks in the basic SAP environment. Due to our proactive system monitoring, potential problems are recognized at an early stage and you will benefit from a high IT performance. 

Our greatest possible degree of flexibility

Outtasking_Skalierbare G-Modelle_orange_40x40

Scalable business models


waxing or shrinking as needed

Storage_Zentraler Backupspeicher_orange_40x40

Quick response to business requirements without capacity management

Our flexible pricing models


Fixed, degressive or variable according to user and GB

Outtasking_Periodischer Bedarf_orange_40x40

As required periodically to cushion peaks

Outtasking_Variable Verrechnung_orange_40x40

Variable billing per user or per GB storage / backup