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Information security is more than IT security. Information security is responsible for data security, data backup, data protection and cyber security. Information is complex: digital and analog.
It is the basic idea of our FIS-ASP information security system to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The information generated in our company is of high value to us and our customers and therefore extremely important. 


This is why information security is intended to protect information from dangers such as unauthorized access, manipulation or non-availability and, consequently, protect us and our customers against economic damage. It pursues the approach of developing suitable strategies and holistically integrating them into FIS-ASP processes and procedures in order to achieve maximum security.


Have you already taken any defense measures against cyber attacks on your IT infrastructure? Has your security policy ever been subject to independent analysis?

We at FIS-ASP will be pleased to support you with our IT professional services!

Today, cyber attacks have become part of everyday IT life. They are mainly initiated via e-mails. Their contents are now so authentically designed (known sender, business format, no spelling and grammar mistakes, reference to a current topic) that the recipient opens Word, Excel or PDF files without worrying. The malicious code used in these attacks changes at such a fast rate that the manufacturers of classic signature-based virus scanners are no longer able to keep up with the adjustment and delivery of their virus signatures.


This is why FIS-ASP tries to ward off new or unknown malicious code by means of an additional technical behavioral pattern recognition. The file from an e-mail attachment is isolated and opened in a sandbox and its behavior analyzed. Based on the findings, a decision is made as to whether this file is to be delivered to the user or classified and treated as a security risk.


We provide you with a security and availability level tailored for your data traffic requirements both at local and global level. We support you, for instance, with the conception or extension of your networks, the determination and analysis of technical weak points and the backup of your systems against unauthorized access using different measures.


Benefit from our 25 years of experience and use our professional services. It goes without saying that we also support you as our customer even if you are targeted by cyber criminals or refer you to appropriate experts.


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FIS-ASP Application Service Providing und IT-Outsourcing GmbH
Röthleiner Weg 4
D-97506 Grafenrheinfeld

Phone.: +49 97 23 / 91 88-500
Fax: +49 97 23 / 91 88-600

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