Cloud Pioneer Turns 20 Years Old

Cloud Pioneer Turns 20 Years Old

FIS-ASP, a Grafenrheinfeld-based IT specialist, celebrates a milestone anniversary this year.

Since 2001, the company has been operating successfully on the market for SAP application companies and is now becoming climatically neutral.

The cloud is no ominous construction but can be found directly in the rural district of Schweinfurt, where FIS-ASP founded its first data center 20 years ago. Since then, the company has been operating their customers’ IT systems from here, which is nothing other than cloud services under a different name.

FIS-ASP Application Service Providing und IT-Outsourcing GmbH is the somewhat cumbersome name of the company. “The name originates from a service hype in the field of application services (i.e. application software) then triggered by analyst firm Gartner,” explains managing director Robert Schuhmann. The company invests in IT technology and operates the systems of its customers ensuring high availability and performance. Advantage: Customers do not need to invest in expensive technology and permanent maintenance and improvement but pay a monthly fee for a provision in the cloud. As a result, they can focus more on their actual business. Customers that still invest in data centers and hardware will benefit from “managed services”. In this model, the IT systems of FIS-ASP are remotely controlled directly at the customer’s site.

FIS-ASP has built up particular competence for software by SAP and Microsoft. In this field, it closely cooperates with its parent company FIS GmbH as well as with its specialized subsidiaries Medienwerft and FIS-SST. The past few years have been marked by steady growth. Currently, FIS-ASP operates systems for significantly more than 40,000 users in three data centers located in the rural district of Schweinfurt.


According to managing director Schuhmann, it is the strength of his company to meet individual customer requirements as part of the FIS Group with professionals for almost any task in the ERP area. The FIS Group can offer everything from a single source as a “one stop provider”, particularly when it comes to SAP.


As a data center operator, FIS-ASP strongly depends on electric energy and has therefore relied on green technologies, such as waste heat utilization, indirect cooling or investments in green power production, for many years. In its anniversary year 2021, the management has decided to permanently convert the energy balance of its data centers into CO2-neutral operation.





Our responsibility for a sustainable future is increasing
– Robert Schuhmann, managing director


This is why we are working on making our IT operation CO2-neutral and climate-friendly. In our anniversary year, we will achieve our goal of a CO2-neutral balance for our data centers. This also enables us to support our customers on their sustainable way into the future,”  explains Robert Schuhmann.


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