Projekt Hosting

Our safe operation
of your IT infrastructure

During the execution of IT projects concerning the implementation or extension of your IT systems, many tasks will come up. The decision as to where an SAP solution should be hosted can be made in a more profound way by evaluating hosting services. At project start, we will offer you an SAP landscape that allows you to fully concentrate on your project. We will operate your implementation landscape as long as it is required during project progress. As soon as your project has been successfully completed, you can decide yourself whether your SAP system is to be continuously operated in our state-of-the-art data centers. You benefit from the security and reliability we provide to all our hosting customers. A hosting service with plannable monthly costs ensures that your project stays on the road to success without endangering your budget.

FIS-ASP will be pleased to create a quotation for you that is individually tailored to your requirements, flexible for the duration of your project and transparent in terms of prices.