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Flexibility and security in the individual
IT infrastructure are must haves today.


The colocation solutions by FIS-ASP give you security and scalability for your IT systems. Our customers can flexibly select from different SaaS solutions. Do you want to operate your IT infrastructure with high availability and high performance but the operation or construction of your own data center is out of the question due to high costs and limited personnel resources?

If so, a classic FIS-ASP colocation solution for B2B hosting and SAP hosting is the right choice. Use scalable and lockable 19″ racks and cages in the FIS-ASP data centers where you can operate your individual IT equipment in a distributed and professional way and with the required IT performance. In addition, FIS-ASP offers managed service solutions and security concepts to round off your requirements. These can be flexibly adapted to your personal IT requirements.



Optimally dimensioned memory solutions for your IT

Scaling memory space correctly dimensioned for every purpose. From archive to performance-critical application, from test system to synchronous mirror distributed across two data centers with the SLAs your business requires. State-of-the-art storage technology provides security and availability without CAPEX costs. Our storage-on-demand model is ideal for your colocation environment as a backup-as-a-service for your own data and, of course, in connection with our SaaS offerings:


1. up to 4,000 IOPS/TByte
2. pay per use
3. multi-protocol-capable
4. transparent failover possible for important applications
5. with “business SLAs” for security and availability of your applications

Storage capacities
High-performing, highly available or cost-effective – depending on the corporate application. It is mirrored in a remote data center or stored permanently for archiving purposes in accordance with legal requirements. Benefit from the flexible and correct settlement on a monthly basis.

Snapshots as required
By using snapshots, you do not only support data security. Especially test scenarios can be executed, logged and reset easily – as required.

…for ERP, CRM, mail, databases, archives and file storage…


more Colocation Services

Backup as a Service

Security for your data – in compliance with your specifications.

“up to your demands”

… with “ERP-capable business SLAs … for reliability and security”
… for your applications in different variants and definitions
… with mapping on tapes if required
…”pay per use” model
…self-service recovery option

Security as a Service

We are certified according to ISO 27001

Data must be protected – do you want to achieve the best protection without CAPEX impact?

Our service is certified according to ISO27001

Our professionals, solutions and services focus on the protection needs of medium-sized companies and the requirements in the environment of ERP, eBusiness and communication systems. Contact us – we will protect you


We count more sustainable and greener IT solutions

Sustainability and ecological footprint

Sustainability – in the true sense of the term – is difficult to achieve in the IT sector. However, we are increasingly trying to approach this important goal. Commitment to renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics and the use of “indirect free cooling”, are our current contributions.

The heating of our offices with heat from the data center has been contributing to this for years, as well as video conferencing equipment or Web solutions that connect our locations with each other.

Investments in technologies such as virtualization, deduplication or shared hardware systems for specific business services support our goals to improve the sustainable use of our resources.

To guarantee that you can count on us in the future…


We offer cost-effective IT monitoring at the very highest level

Our experience in data center operations enables us to offer you cost-effective solutions tailored to the monitoring of your systems. We generally use standard means and open source solutions that can be combined and used intelligently and that offer the option to monitor your systems at your location. We will be happy to advise you on how best to integrate this into your IT service desk.


You can use our 7×24 hours service desk to monitor outside your regular working and business hours and during your holiday. We monitor your systems around the clock. If necessary, our trained employees will initiate the first measures, inform you on request and reactivate your services.

IT Data Security

Data protection regulations according to § 11 Federal Data Protection Act concerning order data processing (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG) and the new EU DSGVO (EU General Data Protection Regulation)

Time and again we are asked whether data protection is really guaranteed when it comes to outsourcing to a data center. In addition to the technical aspects of this question, FIS-ASP, like any other German company, is obliged to do so by law.

Although the relocation of IT to a service provider and/or to the cloud is becoming increasingly popular, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the data protection requirements. It is worthwhile for every company to check the contracts carefully to see whether they meet the requirements of § 11 BDSG and the new EU DSGVO. Customers as well as providers must be open to this matter.

We help our customers to implement all data protection requirements.

According to legal requirements, a company remains fully responsible for the legality of the processing of its employee and customer data by the SaaS provider. Companies are obliged to carefully select and regularly control the provider and to document the result of the controls. The legal requirements demand the written definition between the contracting parties and the control of compliance with these agreements. Companies may be subject to substantial fines for non-compliance.

As a provider, FIS-ASP GmbH ensures that its standard contractual conditions (GTC) meet the legal requirements and that the process and IT infrastructure fulfills all requirements. We would be happy to give you the opportunity to see for yourself.


Is the availability of your services via the Internet important to you? We have a solution for you.

Today, many companies use the Internet not only for research and e-mail communication but also to offer their customers active services via Web shops (B2B, B2C). Cloud services are linked to on-premise systems, creating a system landscape that is networked via the Internet. Virtual telephone systems in the cloud are increasingly used for communication. Until now, it was sufficient to implement the Internet connection in sufficient bandwidth and redundancy (main and backup connection) in order to increase availability.

In recent years, an increase in Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on these Internet connections has been observed. DDOS floods the entire Internet bandwidth, the operating system or the services of a server with requests so that regular requests cannot be processed or can only be processed very slowly. Our Internet connection allows us to protect your systems against these attacks.

Next Generation Maleware Detection

Defense against attacks on your IT infrastructure

Do you leave the protection of your systems to the conscientious handling of IT to your users?

Who has not heard about encryption Trojans and their global impact in the press? Most of these attacks take place via e-mails whose contents are very authentic here and there (known sender, business format, no spelling mistakes, reference to a current topic) so that the recipient opens Word, Excel or PDF attachments without worrying. The malicious code used in these attacks changes at such a fast rate that the manufacturers of classic signature-based virus scanners are no longer able to keep up with the adaptation and delivery of their virus patterns.

Additional behavior pattern recognition therefore attempts to ward off these new and unknown attacks. The file is opened in a sandbox (under quarantine) and its behavior is analyzed. Based on the findings, a decision is made as to whether this file is delivered to the user
classified and treated as a security risk.

We have the right solution for your IT data security needs and are happy to advise you.


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